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What’s JumpsPower™ - DC12?

JumpsPower™DC12 - 12V Pro DC Power Connector is designed for the JumpsPower™ Jump Starter Series: AMG 5T, 6S and 8S. With this handy 12 Pro DC Power Connector plus a JumpsPower™ jump starter, you can power any 12V DC electric devices such as car vacuum cleaner, car waxer/polisher, air compressor and portable fridge etc. whenever and wherever you want without having to rely on the 12V DC outlet on your vehicle!

Different from other similar products in the market, JumpsPower™DC12 - 12V Pro DC Power Connector is equipped with a built-in protection mechanism to prevent potential damage to the 12V DC electric device due to short circuit or over-discharge which is safer for users.

Jump Starter

To power a 12C DC electric device, simply connect the 12V Pro DC Power Connector to the EC5 port on a JumpsPower™ Jump Starter and the 12V DC electric device.

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> Model No: DC12

> Product Barcode:4897035892269

> Max. Voltage and Current: 12V / 10A

> Length: 227mm

> Net weight:50g




Electric Air Compressor

> Light & Portable

> No more limit on tyre inflation!
Anytime, Anywhere!

Package Content:

> 1x JumpsPower™DC12 - 12V Pro DC Power Connector x 1


Dual Reversing Polarity Protection

If you accidentally connect the RED and BLACK cable clamps to the wrong polarity terminal and attempt to jump start the vehicle, the ingenious spark-proof clamp(the red indicator lights is on) will cut the power immediately to prevent injury and avoid damaging the vehicle.

Reverse Charge Protection

Different from other products in the market which needs to remove the jump start cable immediately after jump starting a vehicle, AMG5T has a Reverse Charge Protection function which will be activated automatically to cut the power immediately to prevent reverse charge once successfully jump started a vehicle. The red indicator light will stay on.

Over Voltage Protection

AMG5T has an auto turn-off feature. Once it is fully charged or the connected electronic device has been fully charged or no load to the charger, AMG5T will automatically stop charging and enter into sleeping mode.

Over Discharge Protection

In general, the battery level of AMG5T needs to be above 75% (at least 3 indicator lights stay on) to jump start the vehicle. If the battery level is below 50% (less than 2 indicator lights stay on), the red indicator lights of ingenious spark-proof clamp will be on, means the Over Discharge Protection is activated to shut off the electronic circuit to prevent injury or damage of the vehicle.

Short Circuit Protection

Over Current Protection

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