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What’s JumpsPower™ - AC80?

It's an electric device capable of inflating not only tyres of cars, motorbikes and bicycles but also inflatables such as sports balls, inflatable toys, rafts and floats. With its built-in pressure gauge, you can keep track of tyre pressure anytime to maintain tyre pressure at the optimal level, whereby driving risk can be reduced. By its light and compact design, it is convenient for in-car storage and use anytime.


> Model No: AC80

> Power Input: DC 12

> Operation Time: 30 mins

> Maximun Pressure: 80PSI

> Maximun Current: 6A

> Net Weight: 400g

> Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃

> Length of Power Cord: 2.75M

> Length of Air Hose: 300mm

> Dimension:135 x 110 x 55mm

> Power Input: DC 12



Electric Air Compressor

> Light & Portable

> No more limit on tyre inflation!
Anytime, Anywhere!

Package Content:

> 1x Air Hose

> 1x Bicycle Adaptor

> 1x Inflating Needle Nozzle

> 1x Nozzle Holder

> 1x Airbed Adaptor

> 1x 12V Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

> 1x Protective Case

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